Sunday, October 23, 2016

Idaho Falls Water Damage - Categories of Water

By Skylar Price

23 Oct. 2016

When it comes to water damage, experts look at the source of the water to categorize it. There are three main categories. Categorizing the water is an important part of the initial assessment because it influences the type of response that is necessary. Certain safety measures may need to be implemented, depending on the category of the water that has caused the damage.

Category One Water 
The original source of this type of water is not considered to be harmful to humans or animals. It is most typically related to Leaks in pipes that carry potable water, broken water lines, appliance leaks, overflowing sinks or tubs and any other type of flooding that involves clean water. When your Idaho Falls home is damaged from category one water, SERVPRO can arrive quickly on the scene to help.

Category Two Water 
Category two is any water that contains contamination that can lead to minor illnesses with exposure or ingestion. Toilet bowl water without feces but with traces of urine is subject to the development of micro-organisms which can cause sickness. Dishwashers and washing machines may contain chemicals that are not healthy and additionally may contain contaminated water from the contents being washed. This is also known as Grey Water. SERVPRO professionals have experience in safely extracting grey water and leaving your home dry and safe once more.

Category Three Water 
This category includes any water that contains fungus, bacteria or any other type of agent that is known to be grossly unsanitary and harmful to humans. Flood water that occurs from this category includes sewage, ground surface water, standing water, seawater, water from rising streams and stagnant water. Backflows from toilets that contain fecal matter are also included in this category. It is also known as Black Water.

There is not always coloration of category three water. It can appear clear and still be harmful. SERVPRO of Idaho Falls technicians have the training and experience to deal with unsanitary water damage to restore your home to its former healthy status. If you experience any type of water damage, call (208) 523-5365.

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